Dumet Island


This island is unique in Loire-Atlantique and is a part of Piriac history. It belongs to the Coastal Conservatory and is managed by the town, the Conservatory and an association.

It is 8 hectares long at 6 kms from Piriac-sur-Mer. Tourists and scuba-divers really like to visit it in higher season, and it is also an indicator for weather forecasts.

In 1953, a couple (M and Mrs Fleury de Valois) came to live in the gatehouse, a remnant of Ré island fort. They lived in during 33 years without electricity, little water, letters once every two weeks and a radio contact twice a day. They kept the 1950 lighthouse but confessed that they came to find a treasure. They left the island in 1986 and died only 3 years later. They are buried in Batz-sur-Mer cemetery.

The island is finally bought in 1990 by the Coastal Conservatory and became a bird sanctuary.

In October 26th 2016, 4 partners (the Department of Loire-Atlantique, the Conservatory, the town of Piriac and the “Dumet Environnement et Patrimoine” association) signed an agreement to manage, protect, adapt the island and to sensitize about it.