Towns and villages to visit

Piriac Sur Mer

Let yourself be seduced by the charm of old stones of Piriac, designed “Little Town of Character”, “Seaside Resort”, “Label kids” or again “3 flowers Label”. To come in this haven of peace you will have to cross cities of Guerande and La Turballe.

There is a lot of little pathway to hike with your family : from the Pointe du Castelli to the semaphore, from the bay to Dumet island, from the coastline paths to Piriac harbour… You can bike on the Velocean to go to Mesquer at 8 km or to cross some villages to go to La Baule at 18 km.

Piriac has got 11 km of coasts with many creeks and a few sandy beaches. Two beaches are supervised in summer. People also like Piriac due to fisheries or sailing school at a few hundred meters from the campsite.

Piriac-sur-Mer has a population of 2 173 inhabitants in lower season and almost 30 000 in higher season. It got 2 markets in winter and 3 per week from June to September, and also a lot of animations, shops and restaurants.

You can go to the 820-places harbour near the downtown. A lot of people comes to sit in front of the harbour and close to the carousel and the “Cabane a Gros Jules” to eat sweets. 

La TurballeGuérande - Marais salants

This town is famous due to its fishing harbour and its great sandy beach. You can hike to the “Pointe de Pen Bron” and have a wonderful view over the salt marshes and the Croisic estuary.

The “Galipetant” boat lets you to cross the estuary to go to Le Croisic in higher season.


Mesquer et Quimiac

In Mesquer and Quimiac, near the Mès salt marshes, go to meet oyster and mussel aquaculturists and buy their products for your lunch. There are also very beautiful and natural beaches such as Lanséria, Sorlock or the “Pointe de Merquel” or Kercabellec.


La Baulegrande baie de la Baule

The beach of La Baule is one of the most beautiful bay in the World due to 9 km of fine sand and its backfill. This town is a holiday resort for Paris upper class and has majestic villas near La Baule-les-Pins.

The Avenue du general de Gaulle is very famous thanks to trendy shops, restaurants and bars, such as the Lucien Barrière Casino.



La baule

Pornichet has been created in 1900 near La Baule and Saint Nazaire. it is also a holiday resort and a very attractive town thanks to restaurants, bars or shops.

There are 3 well-known beaches in Pornichet : the “plage des Libraires” near the bay of La Baule, and the “Bonne-Source” and “Sainte-Marguerite” ones.

Pornichet has a train station. Trains come from Paris-Montparnasse to go to Nantes then Le Croisic.



Guérande - PorteGuérande is a famous town due to its walls and the salt marshes. Each year, almost 1.5 million people come to visit this town.

The Salt from Guérande is recognised around the world and used by great chefs. To visit the Salt Marshes, you can go to Terre de Sel, the Maison des Paludiers or the Musée des Marais Salants.


Le Croisic

Located at the end of the peninsula, Le Croisic is a part of the Wild Coast. It is also a “Little Town of Character” and a seaside resort.

The train from Paris go to Le Croisic. 

The city is famous due to the hikes in the Wild Coast on 8 kms, its harbour and the Océarium.


Batz sur Mer  La Baule - catamarans 

Batz sur Mer is the third “Little Town of Character” in the peninsula. Near Le Croisic, there are also very beautiful hiking to go to Le Croisic or Le Pouliguen.

You can visit traditionnal salt marshes villages such as Kervalet or Trégaté, or visit the Musée des Marais Salants. The tower Saint-Guénolé has 189 steps but a wonderful view over the Peninsula, the Salt Marshes and the Ocean.


Saint Nazaire

Pont de St NazaireIn Saint-Nazaire you can go to 20 beaches or visit the Escal’Atlantic with its liner, the Espadon submarine and the museum.

Others visits are possible : the STX shipyards, Airbus or liners such as the Harmony of the Seas !